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If you choose to use us as your Company's CROP and pay us our fee, then during the term of our contract we will accept service of process on your behalf and promptly contact your designated contact(s) in order to coordinate the forwarding of the service of process to you. "Service of process" is a term for legal pleadings, such as a lawsuit (a Complaint) filed against your company. If the Sheriff serves us with a Complaint against your company, Robert May & Company would "accept" the service of process on your behalf. The date of acceptance of service of process starts the clock on the time in which you must formally respond to the Complaint in order to avoid having a default judgment entered against your company, or have other adverse consequences occur, as set forth in the service of process. For that reason, it is extremely important that your contact information is kept current, so that we are able to promptly contact you in the event that we accept service of process on your behalf. Our "acceptance of service of process" on your behalf does not mean that we are undertaking to file any answer in the lawsuit or otherwise defend you in any way. We are merely providing an in-state address for the convenience of the Sheriff to effectively serve service of process against your company, as required by statute. You are responsible for obtaining an attorney to handle the suit on your behalf.

For newly-registering out-of-state companies, we can also assist you with completing the proper forms necessary to register your company with the Pennsylvania Department of State. The process typically entails completing two rather short forms, which we would help you complete and would file for you in person at the Department of State, along with your check for the required filing fee (currently $250.00). There is a notice publication requirement for corporations (but currently not for LLC's), which we would prepare and submit for you if you request us to, along with your checks for the costs of publication (currently a total of $125.00 for the two notices). If your company's name is currently in use in Pennsylvania by another company or contains restricted words, a few more forms would be required, which we would assist you with preparing, and an additional filing fee to the Department of State of $70.00 would be necessary if you also need to register a fictitious name for use in Pennsylvania. For companies that are already registered, but would like to change their registered address to name us as their registered agent, we can assist you with the proper paperwork to do so. The forms and filing fees required in such a case vary depending upon whether your company is a corporation or an LLC, or is a domestic or out-of-state company.